The 2017 European Short Film Festival will be held in Berlin, Germany on October 1 – 4, 2017, at the Babylon Cinema showcasing all participating films.

The festival is growing into a world-class event, uniting new filmmakers with critics, scholars, and the movie-loving public.

The European Short Film Festival is dedicated to new filmmakers. We accept low-budget short films in every genre, on any topic from every country around the world. Special attention is paid to first and second time directors, and films that overcome budget limitations in new and innovative ways. The European Short Film Festival brings attention to the most talented emerging filmmakers, showcasing their work to audiences around Europe. Tickets available at the Babylon box office during ESFF from 5pm daily & online a fortnight before festival this on trilingual programme page:



Winners & nominees may post film titles on our official IMDb Events page according to their respective categories. This page will be vetted.


Winners 2016

Best Short Film
Black Road by Tim Fywell

Best Short Documentary
Whose Wealth? Cobalt from Congo by Myrthe Verweij

Best Short Comedy
The Attendant by Oliver Cullen & Jake Cullen

Best Horror Short
Night Land by Christian Burnett

Best Sc-Fi Short
María Fernanda in Time by Xavier Pijuan

Best Animated Short
Head by Stav Levi

Best Experimental Short
Black Mountain by Nicholas Mockridge & Lilja Rupprecht

Best Music Video
Ictus Rhapsody by Raphael Herault


2016 Schedule

Saturday Oct 1 at 18:00
Black Mountain by Nicholas Mockridge & Lilja Rupprecht
Der Autotipp by Jörn Knost
One Day With Chaprow by Liza-Maria Winterhalter Pujol
The Girl With the Flute by Grohmann, Dieter Michael
Cold Comfort by Daniel Obradovic
Nuisance by David Keeler
Pebbles by Jonathan Shaw

Saturday Oct 1 at 20:00
In Everyone’s Eyes (en Todas las Miradas) by Lloyd Frost
Follow me by Grohmann, Dieter – Michael
The Night Circus by Eskild Krogh
Mind and Galaxy by Ion Soteropoulos, Shiho Minami
Apart by Alexander Bambach
Ictus Rhapsody by Raphael Herault
María Fernanda in Time by Xavier Pijuan
Step 8 by Rick Lenzing
Black Mountain by Nicholas Mockridge / Lilja Rupprecht

Saturday Oct 1 at 22:00
Bubbly by Carlo Fracanzani
Night Land by Christian Burnett
Oysters Have Feelings Too by Tallulah Sheffield
For One by Mathieu Rivolier
7 Years Before by Maged Mohamed/ Sonja Maria Kröner
Another Day in Paradise by bellopropello
Rabbit Therapy by Bernd Bücker

Sunday October 2 at 18:00
Artistic Dictatorship by Gor Aroevic
Black Road by Tim Fywell
X by Jesper Skoubølling
The Lion by Carmelo Zucco
Head by Stav Levi
Edesia by Dennis Earlie

Sunday October 2 at 20:00
The Pit by Kari Hennig
Blue Hour by Lea Volke
The Attendant by Oliver Cullen & Jake Cullen
Seeing the Full Sounding by Zachary Kerschberg

Sunday October 2 at 22:00
#MEAT by Marc J. M. van den Broek
Courage by Jean-Luc Julien
The Knicker Thief by Ravin Vythelingum
Akvarium by Maksudyan Sisters
Mariana’s Sandwich by Carlos Cuarón
Heavy Feathers by Joosje Duk
Love by Nicolai Tegeler
Night Doctor by Stéfane Houssier

Monday October 3 at 18:00
Taubman by Ben Price
A Greek in Berlin by David Desideri
From the Dust by Vincenzo Laurella
Birthday by Dimitris Katsimiris
The Foreigner by Maya Annik Bedward
Muscle by Heidi Miami Marshall

Monday October 3 at 20:00
Sign by Andrew Keenan-Bolger
Kessi Blue by Jasmin Marsters
The Butcher by Caspar Muller
The Light in the Afternoon by David Steiner
The Excursion by Fiorella Buffa

Monday October 3 at 22:00
Last Summer by Ólöf Birna Torfadóttir
The Critic by Alexander Tuschinski
Anrath by Gregor Hoeppner
Taking Care of Ruth by Miguel Berzal de Miguel
Embrace by Edda MacKenzie

Tuesday October 4 at 18:00
War & Peace by Mojtaba Yari
I’m Sixteen by Emilio Boutros
The Traveler by Franklin Henriksen
Chrysalis by Alfonso Bergamo
Dog by Leendert Roosenbrand
The Hand with a Mind of its Own by Dave Waldman
Flying Out to Berlin by Wrench and Franks
Tuesday October 4 at 20:00
Floral Sex by Else Buschheuer
Witch In Me by Jacopo Miceli
Stockholm Syndrome by Zoe Raftry
Forget-me-nots by Miguel Berzal de Miguel
An Encounter by Miguel Berzal de Miguel

Tuesday October 4 at 22:00
Alex & Sylvia by Christian Lachel
For My Friends in Detention by Zebedee Parkes
The Other Place by Mareike Engelhardt
Mausoleum by Lauri Randla
A Schneider Trilogy by Ira Schneider
Spyr by Christoph Lemmen, Ruth Wiesenfeld

Wednesday October 5 at 18:00
Ariel by Christopher E. Ramirez
13 by ira schneider
Mindtrap by Michela Marini
Hybris by Goekhan Sayim
O by July Allard

Wednesday October 5 at 20:00
Unraveled by Saskia Waijers
Whose Wealth? Cobalt from Congo by Myrthe Verweij
Square Speaks by Bahram Sadeghi , Dikla Zeidler
Interview with a Director by Ivana Noa

Wednesday October 5 at 22:00
Present Moment by Aimie Vallat, Noah Dassel
The Dinner by Annick Christiaens
Trace by Markus Dahlslett
So Be It by cristina spina
Pebbles by Jonathan Shaw

Thursday October 6 at 18:00
Mouth of Hell by Samir Mehanovic
The Big Treasure by Simone Marangi
Slave by Amat Escalante
Goose by Willy Vanderperre

Thursday October 6 at 20:00
Bruno by Andrea Maria Hintermaier
You Don’t Disturb Me. by Dorothea Lemme & Melanie Langpap
The Deed by Guy Leith
Beyond Plain Sight by Joseph Adesunloye
The Perfect Day by Ignacio Redondo
Simon, First and Only by Magnus Wake

Thursday October 6 at 22:00
Silhouette by Wolfgang Rauh
Yo Soy Pedro by Jordan Inconstant
Cuts by Anthony Breatnach
The Other Side of the Moon by Luca Caserta
The Betrayal by Susan Young
US by Cristiano Gazzarrini
Miriam by Emiliano Ranzani