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Official Selection 2015


Award Winners 2015
Best Low Budget Feature
The Sinking of Sozopol (Kostadin Bonev)

Best Micro Budget Feature
L’ultimo Tango – Spaghetti Noir (Giuseppe Iacono)

Best No-Budget Feature
Free Entry (Yvonne Kerekgyarto)

Best Feature Documentary
The Exchange (Cam Be)

Best Thriller Feature
Ludo (Katrin Ottarsdottir)

Best Short Film
Teenland (Marie Grahtø Sørensen)

Best Short Documentary
Born To Be Mild (Andy Oxley)

Best Animated Short
Deep Space (Bruno Tondeur)

Best Experimental Short
Whole (William Reynish)

Best Horror / Sci-Fi Short
Clarke’s Third Law (Javier Valenzuela)

Best Music Video
Golden Leaves (Livia Alcalde, Francesco Sperandeo)

Best Feature Screenplay
The Princess, the Queen, and Ivan the Terrible (Amy Gerber-Stroh)

Best Comedy Screenplay
The Golf Pro (Burçin Randall)

Best Horror / Sci – Fi Screenplay
Hell on Neptune (Robert Rogers)





This year’s European Film Festival will kick off with a gala screening at the Babylon Cinema in Berlin-Mitte, where filmmakers and film fans can gather to see the films off on their European tour.

Screenings will run October 23-30. Tickets can be purchased before each screening, and you can find the latest news on our Facebook page. See you at the Babylon!

To ensure your reservation is made, get your tickets online here:

Guestlist entrance ie. free tickets for participants are available before each screening at the main box office. Your festival manager, Ms. Biswas will be there to greet you before shows.

Arrive 30 minutes in advance to secure places. Participant filmmakers would be well advised to phone in to Babylon from 5pm daily to reserve a block of seats if you are travelling into Berlin for your screening.

Babylon box office telephone reservation hotline:

+49 – (0)30 – 24 25 969  from 5pm every evening


Friday 23rd

Join us for an opening night party at the Griffin Bar (Invalidenstr. 151 Berlin 10115) - DJ Task will spin jazz from 9.30pm.


Sunday 25th

Free Entry (Yvonne Kerekgyarto)

Betty and her friend V have a major project: the open-air music festival, Sziget Festival held every summer on one of the Danube islands in Hungary. Instead of money the teenagers have a stash of grass waiting for a buyer. Food? Nothing wrong with the leftovers from other people’s plates. Tent? Why bother when you can sleep under the stars. Sleep? No way: the party goes on all night. V is a pretty girl who knows how to use her charms to the best advantage. Betty, more reserved and shy, never quite knows what to do with her hands, how to hold a cigarette, what to say to the boys they meet. But the tables are turned when the pair go their separate ways after an argument.

Shorts Block 1

Manu and the Wall (Marieke Spee)
Unofficial: Judo (Ivana Noa)
Tea By The Lake (Behind the Mask: Florian Fischer, Michael Kugler)
Total Animal III (Tristan Guerlotté)
Robot Koch & Delhia de France – ‘California Dreamin’ (Sven D.)
Démontable (Theus Zwakhals)

The Last Sparks of Sundown (James Kibbey)
Harvey and Matthew Sparks  are in trouble. 10 years ago they drove down a hopeful road marked Hollywood but now they find themselves in the cul-de-sac of despair. Out of work, out of luck, and out of ideas, the Sparks brothers have hit rock bottom. When their English grandfather, the late great Sir Buster Sparks, bequeaths them his country mansion Sundown House, they see a way out. Fly to England, sell the house and build a new life with the money. But when they arrive they find the house mysteriously occupied. As they become acquainted with their house guests they soon realise that nothing is as it seems. And Harvey is harbouring a secret debt that will put all their lives in jeopardy…

Monday 26th

Ludo (Katrin Ottarsdottir)
A psychological drama about an 11-year-old girl caught between her mother’s mental illness and her father’s well-meaning passiveness. The first feature film set in the Faroe Islands.

Shorts Block 2

If I Had A Piano (I’d Play You The Blues) (Stephanie Gardner)
Alekto (Michael Mehring)
Patriot (Eva Riley)
Clarke’s Third Law (Javier Valenzuela)
A Shadow Of Dara (Kirill Proskura)

Frailer (Mijke de Jong)
A woman diagnosed with terminal lung cancer gathers her three dearest friends together to make the most of the time she has left.

Tuesday 27th

The Exchange (Cam Be)
Five students from Chicago’s south side travel to Germany, for an art exhibition, that forever changes their perspective on life and their part in the world.

Shorts Block 3

Gemini (Bobby Hodgson)
The Bloke Code (Doug Kirby)
Roadtrip (Xaver Xylophon)
Ocean (Stephanie Maxwell)
Deep Space (Bruno Tondeur)

L’ultimo Tango – Spaghetti Noir (Giuseppe Iacono)
Alberto Tango is the owner of a small and shabby detective agency in the area close to Naples. Tango lives by his tricks, often at the limit of legality, to fill the huge debt that he has contracted with the cynical Rava, his ex former employer and current creditor.
Tango receives a call from Sergio Tudisco, an important industrial man. He wants to hire Tango to find her daughter Olga, rebel girl run away.

Wednesday 28th

Cold Season (Carley Smale)
An independent modern day musical that follows an up-and-coming musician, who upon selling her bed frame to an injured stranger on Christmas Eve, decides to spend the night helping him build it.

Shorts Block 4

The hYve (Shirley Day)
Golden Leaves (Livia Alcalde, Francesco Sperandeo)
Cowboy Ben (Jon Shaikh)
A Particular Chronicle (Nadège Dumont)
09:55-11:05, INGRID EKMAN, BERGSGATAN 4B (Cristine Berglund, Sophie Vukovic)
Whole (William Reynish)
Half Wet (Sophie Koko Gate)

Born (Claudio Zulian)
Based on true events, Born follows the adventures of a coppersmith Bonaventura Alberni, his sister Marianna and wealthy merchant Vincent as they live their lives in 18th century Barcelona.

Thursday 29th

Shorts Block 5

The Price (Daniele Lince)
The Eve (Luca Machnich)
Port Nasty (Rob Zywietz)
Maputo Meets Prague (Matias Revez)
Calendar Girls (Lisa Birke)
Hotwax (Hans Erik Kraan)
Fåån (Valsaland) (Goblin Mikkanen)
I Am Everything (Jennifer Schauerte)


Sci-Fi/Horror Shorts

Night Of The Slasher (Shant Hamassian)
Planet X (Rohit Gill)
Beyond Us (Daniele Pace)
Teenland (Marie Grahtø)
Brain Hacking (J. White)

The Sinking of Sozopol (Kostadin Bonev)
A film about love, ten bottles of vodka and a town that must sink. Because when hope is gone, Miracle is the last resort.

Friday 30th

Art and Madness in the City of Geel (Aude Rain)

Documentary Shorts Block

Street Blues (Nikolas Migut)
See Me Now (Glen MacKay)
What’s Next (Sandrine Pasche)
Born To Be Mild (Andy Oxley)
Vacanza (Nicola Pascucci)

Limbo (Anna Sofie Hartmann)
In a small town in rural Denmark, adolescent Sara and young teacher Karen develop a connection.