2017 Screening Schedule « Cannes Fringe

2017 Screening Schedule

2017 Winners:

Best Short Film
King Grandpa – Martin Grau
Best Short Documentary
Generation Emigration – Alexander Blumberg
Best Comedy Short
 Stumblebee – Monika Tenhündfeld
Best Animated Short
 Hänsel & Gretel Don’t Let Fear Eat You – Stefanie Bruhn
Best Experimental Short
 Nobody Is Home Right Now – Konstantin Rall
Best Horror / Sci-Fi Short
 Umbra – Urszula Nawrot
Best Music Video
When I Walk Along – Bozena Krakowka

All films are screened at the Babylon Cinema Shorts Block 1, Oct 1 at 6pm Secret by Ido Hagin & Amit Hagin Solastalgia by Leopold Helbich & Wasil Schauseil No Monsters In Berlin by Kate Holland Fake Men by Martin Gentner How Long Are You Staying? by Anna Gerasimova Shorts Block 2, Oct 1 at 8pm The Power of Citizen Leadership by Flore Dussey Jajá by Melina Borcherding Brain by Johann Schultz Nimbostratus by Samuel Ackermann Rain by Martin Gerigk Shorts Block 3, Oct 1 at 10pm Cavello by Sven Bresser Hallucinations by Ben Couvin Forgiveness by Stefan Klinge Structures Of Nature by Martin Gerigk Bovska ‘Circus’ by Martyna Iwańska Shorts Block 4, Oct 2 at 6pm Conversations In The Projection Booth by Eugen Damm Woyzeck by Alexander Tuschinski Five Lovers Down by Alexander Tuschinski Reise Nach Nirgendwo by Thomas Scherer Antenna by Carsten Woike Stumblebee by Monika Tenhündfeld Shorts Block 5, Oct 2 at 8pm Bio Control by Mikolaj Jaskolka Generation Emigration by Alexander Blumberg Jonah by Michael Maschina Memento Mori by Nina Schiena Und Die Welt Dreht Sich by Rain Kencana Shorts Block 6, Oct 2 at 10pm Hänsel & Gretel Don’t Let Fear Eat You by Stefanie Bruhn A Sonic View by Charlotte Alexander The Black Bull Incident, Episode One: Pretty Rough Around Closing by Rob & Si Wright The Black Bull Incident: Episode Two – A Huge Spanner in the Works by Rob & Si Wright King Grandpa by Martin Grau The Happy Genius by Hannah McKibbin Shorts Block 7, Oct 3 at 6pm Kanthari – Change from Within by Marijn Poels Kassel 9th Of December by Arianna Waldner Bingemer Imperative Shift – Fukushima by Yoko Kubota Shorts Block 8, Oct 3 at 8pm My Pretty Pony by Maciej Barczewski Mascot Fur Life by Jens Wernstedt Halo Effect by Lukas Materzok When I Walk Along by Bozena Krakowka The New Schedule by Kari Hennig Shorts Block 9, Oct 3 at 10pm In Our Country by Louisa Wagener There’s Something About The Virgin Mary by Kevin McSorley Eckhardt by Konstantin Rall The Hacker (short) by Julia JayEz Schnorrer For One by Mathieu Rivolier Point Of View by Alexander Ullmann Shorts Block 10, Oct 4 at 6pm Sunshine by Sören Wachsmuth Keymoment by Martin Lukas Color Your Life by Anton Tyroller Nicole’s Cage by Josef Brandl The Ruins by Ric Sechrest Shorts Block 11, Oct 4 at 8pm Umbra by Urszula Nawrot Connected by Carmen Belaschk Die Asche Der Hoffnung // Hope Of Ashes by Hassan Al Hashem Nobody Is Home Right Now by Konstantin Rall Train To Peace by Jakob Weyde & Jost Althoff Shorts Block 12, Oct 4 at 10pm The Charlotte Russe with the Medal of the Wobbling Bubble in its Palm Trilogy by Ira Schneider Cold Sweat by Erik Hartmann Du, Mein Bruder // You, My Brother by Ghadir Noturno by Eduardo Mattos Shattered by Torben Liebrecht Backstory by Joschka Laukeninks